[IT'z PLAYTIME] EP.06 ITZY Magicians Will Give You the SHOCK of Your LIFE


[IT'z PLAYTIME] EP.06 ITZY Magicians Will Give You the SHOCK of Your LIFE
KiCrazy magic show brought to you by ITZY and kids!
⚠️ DO NOT blink even for a second while the magic show is happening ⚠️
This is the final episode of IT’z PLAYTIME.
Thank you for showing the IT’z PLAYTIME series so much love ❤️
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  • itzjiyuna
    itzjiyuna21 godzinę temu

    Where the itz playtime eps 5?

  • ewa mandu
    ewa mandu22 godzin temu

    Guys i just realized why there is no ep 5. It's there something happen

  • Yi Fan
    Yi Fan4 dni temu

    Btw where is ep5?

  • Ananya Maity
    Ananya Maity5 dni temu

    Best moms of the world: coming soon (ps- they r so adorable im dying)

  • Shazia Rana
    Shazia Rana6 dni temu

    josh is so cute

  • Omama Ahmad
    Omama Ahmad9 dni temu

    I'm sorry but i have to say this ..the kids are jokers not magicians 🤣🤣🤣

  • Omama Ahmad
    Omama Ahmad9 dni temu

    The 3rd trick was a whole chaos and funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Omama Ahmad
    Omama Ahmad9 dni temu

    Itzy being kids and ryujin laughing loudly hahah

    PAULO COSTA10 dni temu

    >> =====> THE BRASIL SUPPORTS ITZY ... !!! Paulo costa / International) >>=====> 07 05 2021 ============== >======== < ===============

  • Mikaella Mawo
    Mikaella Mawo10 dni temu

    alternative title: yuna (and ryujin) trying to ruin the magic show lmaoOOOO

  • Shakeel Hi
    Shakeel Hi13 dni temu

    ♥🌹🔥💯☄you nice itzy☄💯🔥🌹♥

  • vikram sathe
    vikram sathe13 dni temu


  • yo goo mor goo aftee good eve
    yo goo mor goo aftee good eve15 dni temu


  • Yuan
    Yuan15 dni temu

    they'd all be great moms

  • Roseann park
    Roseann park16 dni temu

    Just imagine how there gonna be with their kids

  • 마노반릴리
    마노반릴리17 dni temu

    This is funny😂 and cute

    THE JENNIE COFFEE17 dni temu

    I love itzy

  • Grace Go
    Grace Go18 dni temu

    can't understand on the last magic

  • Camila Espino
    Camila Espino18 dni temu

    Me encanta las interacciones de itzy y los niños ❤❤❤

  • males mules
    males mules18 dni temu

    now I just found out from a cute little magician, that *ITZY* is a spell word for magic tricks ✨

  • Susan Sunset
    Susan Sunset18 dni temu

    Is there no Ep5??

  • Allan Schumacher
    Allan Schumacher19 dni temu

    예지 미모덕에 지구가 멸망안하는듯


    Itzy with kids is so 🥺💗

  • Danah Castro
    Danah Castro19 dni temu

    6:53 😂

  • ChoiShin Ryu Jisu
    ChoiShin Ryu Jisu19 dni temu

    "Can you please make chaeryeong disappear?" That sent-

  • Naziha Ali
    Naziha Ali19 dni temu

    Theres another Itz Playtime??? Omg they just keep coming

  • Shiernadi Ahmad
    Shiernadi Ahmad19 dni temu

    Lia 🤣

  • Natty Angel
    Natty Angel19 dni temu

    Yo de nuevo viendo

  • Lily Poppins
    Lily Poppins19 dni temu

    I don't know how Chaer doesn't have back pain, from carrying Itzy's humour

  • Jhun Lyod Trasona
    Jhun Lyod Trasona20 dni temu


  • Kazakh girl
    Kazakh girl20 dni temu


  • Kazakh girl
    Kazakh girl20 dni temu

    So cuteee🥺❤

  • 이관모
    이관모20 dni temu

    귀엽고 말도 잘하는 조쉬. ㅋㅋㅋ 얼굴도 귀엽. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • hanjee
    hanjee20 dni temu

    Lol they’re so cute

  • Juliii
    Juliii20 dni temu

    Can you please make Chaeryeong disappear? - Lia 2021

  • Juliii
    Juliii20 dni temu

    She is my girl - Ryujin 2021

  • Juliii
    Juliii20 dni temu

    Where is the apple? - Yuna 2021

  • Juliii
    Juliii20 dni temu

    RUBY IS DIFFERENT - Chaeryeong 2021

  • Juliii
    Juliii20 dni temu

    Every single moment that made me laugh a lot XD: 0:54 1:18 1:48 2:01 2:55 3:13 (Logan yawning) 3:55 4:28 5:15 5:30 (Ruby's laugh) 5:52 6:22 (Aella's face) 6:52 7:05 7:42 8:08 (Aella's itzyyyy) 9:52 11:10 12:52 13:08

  • flo hu
    flo hu20 dni temu

    When you lie and the story contradicts with itself: 2:55

  • Baldin de Gelo
    Baldin de Gelo20 dni temu

    Itzy + Hello82 = Cutness Overload

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    احبهم احبهم احبهم احبهم احبهم 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    اتزي ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    يونا ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    تشاريونغ ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    ريوجين ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    ليا ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    ييجي ستان

  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    ييجي ليا ريوجين تشاريونغ يونا 😘اتزي&متدزي الافضل😘 #عرب_متدزي #Arab_Midzy 🌙رمضان كريم🌙

  • J P
    J P20 dni temu

    Lia out here being much cuter than those kids

  • Little things amuse little minds
    Little things amuse little minds20 dni temu


    ARMY•FOR•LIFE20 dni temu

    They didn't Uploaded episode 5

  • 이므란RyuSenpai
    이므란RyuSenpai20 dni temu

    Itzy english is impeccable 😍

  • Mark Grimaldo
    Mark Grimaldo20 dni temu

  • Leandro Moises
    Leandro Moises20 dni temu

    I love KPOP love ITZY

  • Melani Katriel Cari
    Melani Katriel Cari20 dni temu


  • 이진섭
    이진섭21 dzień temu

    IT'Z PIAY TIME EP.5가 없어요

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS21 dzień temu

    Suka bgt interaksi mereka😭

  • Rikki Karryl Mabayo
    Rikki Karryl Mabayo21 dzień temu

    Their magic is true, they made my negative thoughts disappear with their content ❤️🥰

  • phenukkaxedits._
    phenukkaxedits._21 dzień temu

    lucky baby

  • sky walker
    sky walker21 dzień temu

    2:14 I'm just showing, I'm dead!! hahaha, more savage than Ryujin

  • Juliii


    20 dni temu


  • Erika Faye Capanas
    Erika Faye Capanas21 dzień temu

    Hi midzy🇵🇭❤️

  • I B
    I B21 dzień temu

    Chaeryeong is SO FUNNY "Ruby is different ~DALLA DALLA" I can't with her hahahaha

  • Juliii


    20 dni temu


  • Filha do melhor casal
    Filha do melhor casal21 dzień temu

    So cut🥺💜

  • •rōzu
    •rōzu21 dzień temu


  • anth789
    anth78921 dzień temu

    I want to see Twice host a full show in English ^w^''

  • Heavy Wave
    Heavy Wave21 dzień temu


  • Marek H-K anonix
    Marek H-K anonix21 dzień temu

    Music ???????????

  • May Myat
    May Myat21 dzień temu

    Please make New songs for itzy

  • mieow is a fangirl
    mieow is a fangirl21 dzień temu

    Lia and Logan, double L, and both adorable and cute, aww~ and Robin potter is such a cute magician

  • Mike-Greninja
    Mike-Greninja21 dzień temu


    HIRAI MOMO21 dzień temu

    I’ve watched this .. but I still want to watch it again because ITZY uploads this ..

  • itzy stan
    itzy stan21 dzień temu

    yee here again have i seen this before? oh well wtv :))) hehee

  • 최종인
    최종인21 dzień temu

    나도 있지랑 마술놀이! 하고싶..

    LIZETH QUINTERO21 dzień temu


  • Yeji Queen
    Yeji Queen21 dzień temu

    So cute

  • Leah Robyn
    Leah Robyn21 dzień temu

    Imagine growing up and not knowing that you did a show with itzy

  • RAW_itzy
    RAW_itzy21 dzień temu

    2:47 Ryujin was low key sweating there for a second XD I love Yuna

  • Y HU
    Y HU21 dzień temu

  • Melika
    Melika21 dzień temu

    Ryujin is so cute near kids , so sweet heart

  • ❥︎Sujin M ❥︎
    ❥︎Sujin M ❥︎21 dzień temu

    How many international are here Fans love ITZY? 👇

  • سمية طيارة
    سمية طيارة21 dzień temu

    So cute so amazing🌼💜 And itzy are so kind with children🌻🌼

  • Alex _Kills
    Alex _Kills21 dzień temu

    We definitely need an IT’z Playtime Season 2!!



    21 dzień temu

    All We Need More Seasons No Just One 🤞🙌😁😉

  • Rinoma Rafif F
    Rinoma Rafif F21 dzień temu

    Is this reupload?

  • Vince
    Vince21 dzień temu

    Uuwi ko si yeji walang aagaw😠

  • Aiman Durani Asmadi
    Aiman Durani Asmadi21 dzień temu


  • Lexi Quinatadcan
    Lexi Quinatadcan21 dzień temu

    I'm finally convinced Lia is Logan's mother and no one can stop me🤺🤺🤺

  • liastrawberry Rizvi
    liastrawberry Rizvi21 dzień temu

    i loved this

  • Ryeji aren't Roommate anymore
    Ryeji aren't Roommate anymore21 dzień temu

    *Lol everyone busy streaming the album preview* 😂

  • مهلسه شعرها علمود علوش
    مهلسه شعرها علمود علوش21 dzień temu

    Oh my God, really beautiful kids are very beautiful and members such as his shops and beauties Ah, I love you so much you are the most beautiful musical team 🥺🥺💞

  • bubu uu
    bubu uu21 dzień temu


  • 마음maum
    마음maum21 dzień temu


  • sian
    sian21 dzień temu

    just thank you hello82 for this 😚

  • I will hit u with BLACKPINK's lightstick
    I will hit u with BLACKPINK's lightstick21 dzień temu

    In conclusion: *STAN ITZY*

  • I will hit u with BLACKPINK's lightstick
    I will hit u with BLACKPINK's lightstick21 dzień temu

    Stop twerking everyone

  • 산타는아웃도리안 Outdoor-ian
    산타는아웃도리안 Outdoor-ian21 dzień temu

    Any korean here? Lol

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells21 dzień temu

    This is the best show I've ever seen from a kpop group and I've been flowing kpop since 2009!

  • oo o
    oo o21 dzień temu

    존나ㅋ 이런거 보면 백인 혼혈들만 쓰는거 보소

  • Salma Mohamed
    Salma Mohamed21 dzień temu

    𝕀𝕋ℤ𝕐✨있지 ♡𝕀ℤ★𝕆ℕ𝔼♡ 😚

  • shyle yt
    shyle yt21 dzień temu

    I just realized where is itzplaytime episode 5?? Are they forget to post it before this vidio kkkk