ITZY "bㅣㄴ틈있지" EP.17 (FULL Ver.)


ITZY "bㅣㄴ틈있지" EP.17 (FULL Ver.)
@ Wednesday Night 8PM (KST)
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  • neil baltazar
    neil baltazar3 dni temu

    Lia and chaeryeong ❤❤

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    59:17 *BLACKPINK - "Bet You Wanna"* is actually played in full here but is removed from the upload :(

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    54:17 *Girls' Generation-Oh!GG - "Lil' Touch"* is actually played in full and features the girls hanging out and dancing along; it's all cut from this video, unfortunately

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    53:06 no one has more fun than Chaeryeong

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    48:50 Our leader, the weirdo 💝

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    47:03 Chaeryeong's face

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    42:11 "You gave us "Twerking Lia Style" but give them "La La Land" and "Titanic"? -Yeji, story of her life

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness3 dni temu

    42:05 the actual song playing is *"Another Day of Sun"* from La La Land OST

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    40:22 is there anything cuter than Yuna's smile and her saying "Titanic"?

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    40:24 the actual song playing is *Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"*

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    36:48 Chaeryeong nuzzling up to Ryujin 🥰

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    36:04 Lia "twerking" on the members 😂

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    35:21 Ryujin 💞 Chaeryeong

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    30:27 we will never know what goes on inside the mind of Lee Chaeryeong

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    28:25 100% Yuna screentime for the next several minutes

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    24:46 Chaeryeong's legs

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    16:22 Yeji wants you to call her

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    13:42 Ko-Lia 🇰🇷

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    8:30 listen really carefully to Lia's sigh of relief

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    5:01 *TWICE - "Likey"* is actually played in full with the girls dancing along to the entire thing. GREAT clip that was removed from this PLtoolss upload of Episode 17.

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness4 dni temu

    1:06 the actual songs the girls walked out to are: Yeji - *Brillz - "Deja Vu (Nico Stadi remix)"* Lia - *Dua Lia - "New Rules"* Chaeryeong - *Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"* Ryujin - *Britney Spears - "Lucky"* The PLtoolss version replaced these with other songs due to copyright issues.

  • sean sean
    sean sean5 dni temu

    52:57 Lia haha

  • Shakeel Hi
    Shakeel Hi6 dni temu


  • Lucas
    Lucas9 dni temu

    46:49 yeji so cute

    PAULO COSTA10 dni temu

    >> =====> THE BRASIL SUPPORTS ITZY ... !!! Paulo costa / International) >>=====> 07 05 2021 ============== >======== < ===============

  • Janal Russel A. Gonzaga
    Janal Russel A. Gonzaga10 dni temu

    48:50 OK THIS IS CUTE 😳

  • Janal Russel A. Gonzaga
    Janal Russel A. Gonzaga10 dni temu


  • Janal Russel A. Gonzaga
    Janal Russel A. Gonzaga10 dni temu


  • Janal Russel A. Gonzaga
    Janal Russel A. Gonzaga10 dni temu


  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    Yeji hasn't seen Titanic? Blasphemy! Just kidding. Titanic is a legit good movie tho. I really liked its theme song

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    43:30 haha what an adorable expression 43:35 ohh chaeryeong too. Ryuryeong should try their hand at acting for a mini web drama or something. Why not for itzy's next comeback, for the M/V, an actual story line, that would be nice

  • AccipiterMagna


    13 dni temu

    ikr but their crying acting is cute ngl

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    37:24 cute

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    Chaeryeong to Lia : "Please don't do this in front of my eyes" lmao

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    The fake interviews they did while the members were posing were hilarious XD

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    16:47 Lia pushing Yeji to the ground and Yeji doing her best resisting XDD

  • Greeny


    10 dni temu

    Yeji's just *falls down elegantly*

  • kalin calin
    kalin calin14 dni temu

    13:00 ha... the poor cake. It lost its freshness and it probably won't be eaten at all :/

    SpiritBLACKDIAMONT15 dni temu

    Welcome to this "Yeji calls the director non-stop" Episode where Chaeryeong cries for jack :D :D :D

  • Natty Angel
    Natty Angel16 dni temu


  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy16 dni temu

    23:13 "I'll be honest, I had none. But I think I had a lot...probably." What...? 💀🤣

  • summer b
    summer b16 dni temu

    I laughed so hard when Chaeryeong called Yeji "Auntie" at 44:01. Omg these girls are beyond funny

  • Ebrar Çil
    Ebrar Çil17 dni temu


  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez17 dni temu

    English sub pls

  • feedeey
    feedeey17 dni temu

    Where is the subtitle?!

  • Suria Nabila
    Suria Nabila18 dni temu

    Im waiting for eng sub

  • Jairah kate Suiza
    Jairah kate Suiza18 dni temu

    English sub pleasee

  • Yaritza M
    Yaritza M18 dni temu

    ITZY beautiful

  • 🍥🍃◝⑅•jisoo choi kim love best•
    🍥🍃◝⑅•jisoo choi kim love best•18 dni temu

    Chae pq tão perfeita🥺Aishi dona do meu kur amos tanto vcs aaaaa

  • Camila Espino
    Camila Espino18 dni temu

    LAS AMOOO❤❤❤

  • Lipsy Florida
    Lipsy Florida18 dni temu

    Subtitle pleaseeeee

  • bunńy
    bunńy18 dni temu

    Lia Shinchan dancee huh? So cutee 🤣🤣🤣😙

  • Melissa Cavicchi
    Melissa Cavicchi18 dni temu

    35:22 IM DEAD

  • Chen Gatdula
    Chen Gatdula19 dni temu

    Pls put some english sub next time!🥺❤️

  • HS J
    HS J19 dni temu

    저 개인인터뷰는 무슨 컨셉이지ㅋㅋㅋ 요즘 유행하는건가

  • Minu Devi
    Minu Devi19 dni temu

    ENG substitle

  • Ferdinand Doane
    Ferdinand Doane19 dni temu

    another episode ng pag tumawa sila tatawa ako

  • John Daniel Berador
    John Daniel Berador19 dni temu

    Please English subtitle naverrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Nayla Adhiagsa
    Nayla Adhiagsa19 dni temu

    1 jam dong

  • Jenniekim
    Jenniekim19 dni temu

    A copy group, everyone's copying, ALL! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I've had it before.

  • Eliana de la cruz jimenez
    Eliana de la cruz jimenez19 dni temu

    What a weird face Ryunjin made was funny but l was suprised weird cute ryujin.

  • 최종인
    최종인19 dni temu

    유나는 무슨 옷을 병아리처럼 노랗게 입어도 얼굴이 이뻐서 비주얼이 사네..ㄷ

  • Terence Tai
    Terence Tai19 dni temu

    pov:u r here after watching a youtube video which is itzy dance to blackpink bet you wanna

  • jana
    jana20 dni temu


  • Karen sofia Quinto cuesta
    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta20 dni temu


  • Umar Muhammad Ramadhan
    Umar Muhammad Ramadhan20 dni temu

    Please make captions for the International MIDZY🙏🏻🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Zehra
    Zehra20 dni temu

    I LOVE YOU İTZY TURKISH MİDZY TEOKİE MİDZY🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • 믿지
    믿지20 dni temu

    46:48 감동님 시작

  • Kazakh girl
    Kazakh girl20 dni temu


  • Dylan Benoit
    Dylan Benoit20 dni temu

    Ryujin fans check in

  • Carlos Galvan
    Carlos Galvan20 dni temu


  • 原因 lemonw
    原因 lemonw20 dni temu

    32:50 🐥🐤🐥💕

  • İlayda Demir
    İlayda Demir20 dni temu

    💗🤩💗🥰 -Turkish Midzy-

  • Marsh Marlou
    Marsh Marlou20 dni temu

    2:51 Ryujin best girl

  • 박민규
    박민규20 dni temu

    제발 주가를 견인해주세요

  • Narimane asakkach
    Narimane asakkach20 dni temu

    Uau itzy nuevo vidio

  • Amelia Williams
    Amelia Williams20 dni temu

    I really wanna send fan mail to them, but I heard JYP doesn't give fan mail anymore. Eventually I'll try to send one though.

    ESTILO ALICE20 dni temu


  • Once Blink Army Blink
    Once Blink Army Blink20 dni temu

    اتزي متدزي الافضل

  • liastrawberry Rizvi
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  • Zehra
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  • J.B Son music Studio
    J.B Son music Studio20 dni temu

    아니 유나야 왜이렇게 말랏어 진짜 파파존스 피자 두판 사서 다맥이고싶게..

  • Fairy
    Fairy20 dni temu


  • angelszx
    angelszx20 dni temu

    0:32 mano,eu quero

  • Hashtag Banshee
    Hashtag Banshee20 dni temu

    Yeji gives off the best model runway vibes

  • Dark
    Dark20 dni temu


  • Cyrian Ferolino
    Cyrian Ferolino20 dni temu

    English subtitle pls :(

    CHRIS YTGAMING20 dni temu

    lia는 최고의 코미디언입니다

  • Chris Tions
    Chris Tions20 dni temu

    Up!! Up!!

  • Chris Tions
    Chris Tions20 dni temu


  • Jairah kate Suiza
    Jairah kate Suiza20 dni temu

    39:18 Ryujin said “So beautiful baby” when YeJisu is posing. Midzys be like: which one of the two is your baby today?

  • Art in its Many Forms

    Art in its Many Forms

    20 dni temu

    It's a love triangle. Ryejisu.

  • kitkit lotino
    kitkit lotino21 dzień temu

    Wow ITZY are all beautiful and pretty 💖💖💓💖💓💖💓💗💓💗💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💖💓💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️

    DANCES COVER K-POP21 dzień temu

    I love you so much 💖 ITZI 💖💖

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin21 dzień temu

    QUEENS 👑👑👑👑

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin21 dzień temu


  • زهراءعلي نمنم
    زهراءعلي نمنم21 dzień temu


  • Алексей Шевцов
    Алексей Шевцов21 dzień temu


  • Arzoo Jaffry
    Arzoo Jaffry21 dzień temu

    I love you itzy

  • J O
    J O21 dzień temu

    I almost expect them to dance to Take a picture.

  • Blinky_ Kitty
    Blinky_ Kitty21 dzień temu

    Lia : The princes Yuna : The sweet girl Ryujin:Bad girl Chaeryeong: Angel Yeji: Savage Itzy : The Queens 💖💖

  • eleni
    eleni21 dzień temu

    Me smiling while not understanding anything🙂😂

  • mariciel ravago
    mariciel ravago21 dzień temu

    ✨You guys are so pretty✨ 👑👑MY QUEENS👑👑