ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" BEHIND #2

ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" BEHIND #2

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  • DA DA DA DA Felix's Eggs
    DA DA DA DA Felix's Eggs20 godzin temu

    Not the mamamoo meme PLSSSS-

  • Ilham Hamdan
    Ilham Hamdan2 dni temu

    8:21 song?

  • Jonny Hamonangan
    Jonny Hamonangan4 dni temu

    ITZY are queens 🌹🌹 Lia my angel 💖💖 love you 💖💖😍😍

  • Macurri Sepúlveda
    Macurri Sepúlveda6 dni temu

    chaeryeong is so funny

  • Noox_77
    Noox_777 dni temu

    Itzy loml

  • mehve
    mehve8 dni temu

    2:12 Lia... my heart...!

  • Dumpling
    Dumpling8 dni temu

    8:37 Wheein? 😳😂

  • 디뉴Dinew
    디뉴Dinew9 dni temu

    8:40 신뉴진 애교ㅜㅜ

  • k
    k11 dni temu

    Stan itzy for better life♥︎

  • xX 3wash Xx
    xX 3wash Xx13 dni temu

    0:45 1:36 2:52 8:35 9:20

  • Pia Agui
    Pia Agui14 dni temu

    Ryujinie se ve tan hermosa y su cabello es muy lindo ♡♡

  • amodini priyea
    amodini priyea15 dni temu

    Seeing both of them together only reminds me of hyewon and yuri there buying drinks if any wizone can remember

  • hanjee
    hanjee17 dni temu

  • Aghna P.S
    Aghna P.S17 dni temu

    7:08 Head empty....only chearyongie's wink and her meow... echoing........💚❤️💚❤️

  • aub PH
    aub PH17 dni temu

    6:50 she watchin the dodo??? 😍

  • aina safiyya
    aina safiyya18 dni temu

    i really envy with lia's shoulder 😭✋🏻

  • sahra
    sahra18 dni temu

    Omg 8:38 that's Wheein

  • Shayla Gwinnup
    Shayla Gwinnup18 dni temu

    This whole time I thought Ryujin was the leader 🤭

  • Jonny Hamonangan
    Jonny Hamonangan18 dni temu

    every time every place Lia always funny cute pretty for my days 🌹🌹 i love Lia 💖💖 my angel my james bond girl 😍😍

  • deuxdandelion
    deuxdandelion19 dni temu

    5:34 if you listen closely they added a car or truck revving sound when lia was about to twerk heLPPP

  • kaz.f. milk
    kaz.f. milk20 dni temu

    始終可愛い😿이제 일본 데뷔 해 주었으면😖

  • Nostxlgia_MiDzY
    Nostxlgia_MiDzY20 dni temu

    Lia's obsession with twerking made me wheeze-

  • Hillary Rodriguez
    Hillary Rodriguez20 dni temu

    que lindaaas! 😍☝

  • Stream Mafia In The Morning
    Stream Mafia In The Morning20 dni temu

    Love u ❤

  • Jinny
    Jinny20 dni temu

    Yuna looked tired this era.

  • only me
    only me20 dni temu

    My yuna!!😭💖. . No one is talking about yuna😭💖

  • k-pop antsar
    k-pop antsar21 dzień temu

    I love you, ITZY. I am Intisar from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My friends and I train on your songs and I love you so much.🇸🇦🇰🇷🇸🇦

  • KR C
    KR C21 dzień temu

    Lia so pretty

  • alya avakyan
    alya avakyan22 dni temu


  • U don't have to know
    U don't have to know22 dni temu

    Two pretty bestfriends on the thumbnail 🛐

  • RAW_itzy
    RAW_itzy22 dni temu

    pls why is the editor actually really funny

  • Аиша Садвакасова
    Аиша Садвакасова22 dni temu

    Русские казахи есть?)

  • Nashwa
    Nashwa22 dni temu

    Chaeryeong appears with "annyeonghaseyo yeorobeun" is such a cutie🥺🥺

  • 19CH060 sakshi
    19CH060 sakshi22 dni temu

    Chareyong is beautiful

  • Alexa Delgado Arroyo
    Alexa Delgado Arroyo22 dni temu


  • Naura putri Annahla
    Naura putri Annahla22 dni temu

    I love itzi sarangeo yuna ryujin yeji lia and frend 🤩🤩🤩🤩💕💕💕💕😍😘😍😘😍😍😍

  • Gladys Army
    Gladys Army22 dni temu

    So beautiful girls🥰

  • Burak -
    Burak -22 dni temu

    bir şey anlıyormuş gibi mal gibi sırıtarak izliyorum. edit: altyazı diye bir şey varmış dünya üzerinde yeni öğrendim iyi oldu.

  • Park K
    Park K22 dni temu

    채령 예쁘다

  • Mehrsa Ashbeh
    Mehrsa Ashbeh22 dni temu

    i love yeji

  • Mehrsa Ashbeh
    Mehrsa Ashbeh22 dni temu

    How are you all compromised within a second?

  • Algedi76
    Algedi7622 dni temu

    omg they are so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

  • mary althene Piedad
    mary althene Piedad23 dni temu

    YuJin calling each other just meters away is just so adorable😍😘

  • feni andriyani
    feni andriyani23 dni temu

    Itzy I from Indonesia I fans you

  • lintang paramesti
    lintang paramesti23 dni temu

    mc chaeryeong in da hooouuuuzzzzzzz

  • lintang paramesti
    lintang paramesti23 dni temu

    chaeryeong's karaoke timeeee

  • lintang paramesti
    lintang paramesti23 dni temu

    not yeji filmed out again after realizing it wasnt filming the whole time T____T she wants to thank the crew so much for putting the banner at the elevator huh? best leader indeed

  • Asya Shcherbakova
    Asya Shcherbakova23 dni temu

    9:02 cute❤️

  • Анна Никк
    Анна Никк23 dni temu


  • m i n a y e o n
    m i n a y e o n23 dni temu

    chaeryeong’s “no no no don’t do that” was so adorable omg 😂😭🥺

  • grace
    grace23 dni temu

    Room 06, the same room that nct dream boom era used

  • masoon
    masoon23 dni temu

    채령이 진짜 예전에 비해서 이뻐진것같음

  • 2yang
    2yang23 dni temu

    chae is sooooooo cute

  • 용용용덕
    용용용덕23 dni temu

    귀요미들,, 사랑혀,,

  • Shriya Army
    Shriya Army23 dni temu

    petition to let Lia twerk😂

  • AccipiterMagna
    AccipiterMagna23 dni temu

    5:37 Chaeryeong's laugh so frikin CUTEEE

  • AccipiterMagna
    AccipiterMagna23 dni temu

    the close-ups of their face are making me shooketh

  • 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗮
    𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗮23 dni temu

    This is my favorite era

  • احمد العنزي
    احمد العنزي23 dni temu

    احلى فرقه بنسبه لي كاء فتاه LOVE YOU GIRLS ❤❤😻😻👩👩

  • Nadia Elysia Temix Hernández
    Nadia Elysia Temix Hernández23 dni temu

    I love You ITZY💗

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman23 dni temu

    Poor yeji😭🤚🏻

  • ANDRO Guy
    ANDRO Guy23 dni temu

    3:15 omg she literally said it.

  • Соводат Кичибеклва
    Соводат Кичибеклва23 dni temu

    Yuna and Yeji

  • Karen sofia Quinto cuesta
    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta23 dni temu

    Lia twerking😂😂😂😘😘

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu

    2:40 ليا وييجي يزينكم

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu

    ريوجين وييجي هههههههههههه

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu

    Itzy Midzy

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu

    We love you itzy

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu

    صح اني ماتخره على مشاهده هذا الفيديو بس انا اسففففففففففف مليون مرههه قلتش اسف لانهائي

  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • blink_midzy
    blink_midzy23 dni temu


  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS23 dni temu

    Duo bias wrecker di thumbnail

  • AntitheticMe
    AntitheticMe23 dni temu

    So,....why is it "a comeback"...when they never left....and doubtfully will, in any foreseeable future?

  • Hsien’s
    Hsien’s23 dni temu

    8:39 Does Wheein appear in ITZY TV in this way?😂😂😂😂😂

  • sy


    23 dni temu

    Dying to know why Wheein’s meme is placed here. Any meanings ?

  • Hi✔︎
    Hi✔︎23 dni temu

    Not Bts adverstising Mcdonalds for my ad

    LEE JENNIE23 dni temu

    queens 🤍✨👑

  • svm 31
    svm 3123 dni temu

    Yeji’s beauty is unreal she’s glowing here. The curly hair makes her look like a princess 🥺

  • Disna
    Disna23 dni temu


  • Raicel Sales
    Raicel Sales23 dni temu


  • Alazne Etxebarria
    Alazne Etxebarria23 dni temu

    Wheein meme 😂😂

  • ᄋᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋᄋ23 dni temu

    그만 뜨라고요 사ㅣㅐ벌룐엉ㄷ르;ㅃㅉㄸㅇㄲ ㄲㅆㅂ

  • 이동건


    23 dni temu


  • 이재형


    23 dni temu


  • Eric Sam
    Eric Sam23 dni temu


  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    9:01 cute Yeji appears!

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    7:08 Chaeryeong _meows_

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    6:45 "I was watching a cat video." -Yuna (of course)

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    5:37 the return of Lia twerking

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    5:35 "No, no, no, don't do that!"

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness23 dni temu

    5:30 "Your body proportion is amazing!" -Chaeryeong's amazing English

  • 솜젤리
    솜젤리24 dni temu

    령채 미모 미쳤나봐 개이쁘다 진짜

    BLACKBLINK24 dni temu


  • Jin Nie
    Jin Nie24 dni temu

    Lia is so cute and funny

  • Meliodas 2k
    Meliodas 2k24 dni temu

    I'm in love with Chaeryeong he's cute and beautiful 😍😍😚

  • CozyLikeRosie
    CozyLikeRosie24 dni temu

    5:29 Chaeryeong back at it again with her American accent