ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" M/V Re-reaction Video

ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" M/V Re-reaction Video

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  • wassabill
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  • Diva Nair
    Diva Nair7 dni temu

    THE DAY THIS SONG CAME Me: heyy did u listen ITZY's new song ? Bestie: no i will A WEEK LATER Me: now ? Bestie: nope 2 DAYS LATER AT HER HOUSE Me: ( listening the song 10 times ) Bestie: ahh u A DAY LATER Bestie: ( listening the song 100 times )

  • OoMASEoO
    OoMASEoO7 dni temu

    From PD on THE KULTURE STUDY "What is this criminal organization you're speaking of and can I join???"

  • nayka18
    nayka188 dni temu

    :Yuna 🔮

  • nayka18
    nayka189 dni temu

    :Yuna [❤]

  • nayka18
    nayka189 dni temu

    :Hello Yuna👋🏻]

  • nayka18
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  • nayka18
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  • nayka18
    nayka189 dni temu

    :Lia [A~~~]

    EMON BISWAS9 dni temu

    Chaeryeong 🤗🤗

  • Ashok Choudhary
    Ashok Choudhary9 dni temu

    Words use for Yuna 🔥♥️ ~Omg gun shoot 🔫 ~Very smooth💯 ~Night version is just awesome 🔥 ~She's very pretty ♥️ ~I love her rap most 🙌 ~Green dress is cool 💚💚💚 ~Ayeeeeee yunaaaa😈 ~I love her voice 🔥💜 ~Yuna is Mafia ✨ ~Magiccc ✨ ~Black long hairs 😎🖤🖤🖤 ~yuna is powerful 😈 ~this is best outfit (night vision ...🔥✨ ~yuna shoot in fire 🔥 Yesss truly this is Yuna's era 😈🔥

  • みーちゃん
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  • مع سجى소소의 사업
    مع سجى소소의 사업11 dni temu


  • k
    k11 dni temu

    10:07 ryujin: “shy shy shy”

    ONCE_ QUEEN12 dni temu

    10:07 ryujun shy 😭😂🥺💗

  • Zübeyde
    Zübeyde13 dni temu

    Yeji my bias

  • park jongseong enthusiast
    park jongseong enthusiast14 dni temu

    3:18 I'M GONNW CRY

  • noonooshK
    noonooshK14 dni temu

    Watching the girls reaction video made me realize how we so often focus on some members somethimes more than others or how often we say “she’s cute” “her hair so so pretty”, “amazing, who’s the sexy one with the short hair” “oh her outfit accessories is so chic”, “the scene was well shot” “cameraworkkkkk!” etc. and don’t voice as often “amazing rap” “ oh wow, did you hear those vocals” “Woooo, who is the one that did that amazing adlib” “did y’all see this move” “the girls are acing the choreo” “look at the perfect facial expression she had just now” “she made the dance look effortless” “she’s as pretty as she is talented” etc. I don’t often think abt idols watching reactions tbh. Now thinking abt it I wonder how they perceive many of those out there. That was a wonderful experience.

  • TZUYU STOLE MY Hearteu
    TZUYU STOLE MY Hearteu14 dni temu

    Love you ITZY 😌💓

  • Yuhan Kumarasinghe
    Yuhan Kumarasinghe15 dni temu

    6:15 she sounds like a cat.....

  • Charlotte Javellana
    Charlotte Javellana16 dni temu

    Hey chaeryeong where is your bed now

  • Black BOSS
    Black BOSS16 dni temu

    Love itzy❤️❤️❤️

  • Glaizamarie Francisco
    Glaizamarie Francisco16 dni temu

    2:55 they just said bubu?😅 Hello filipino midzy's😁

  • weiashy
    weiashy17 dni temu

    0:32 cute

  • Shujinko
    Shujinko18 dni temu

    I love Chaeryeong ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rasha Abu dalu
    Rasha Abu dalu18 dni temu


  • Hasna Once
    Hasna Once19 dni temu

    Chearyoung my precious little angel 😇 I love you so much 🥰😘

  • Zyzi Ah
    Zyzi Ah20 dni temu

    Chae i love you 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Shahreen's World
    Shahreen's World22 dni temu

    Lia is the best

  • koo's #1 simp
    koo's #1 simp22 dni temu

    they should do more of these I think it helps them!

  • heaps
    heaps22 dni temu

    More diversity next time

  • 우리나라꽃
    우리나라꽃22 dni temu


  • adeena d.
    adeena d.22 dni temu

    lets be honest, the managers prolly just searched up the vids not even in the comments and pick them liek all of these vids r made by ppl who have like at least over 1k subs..

  • Mieyrun Hykal
    Mieyrun Hykal23 dni temu

    Yuna said _Next Comeback!!_

  • KeIita Llempén
    KeIita Llempén23 dni temu


  • sanktheboat
    sanktheboat23 dni temu

    This is so amazing. I love the level of interaction that K-Pop stars have with their fans.

  • Angelina De leon
    Angelina De leon23 dni temu

    They adopt that move ahh so cute

  • Angelina De leon
    Angelina De leon23 dni temu

    Lmao they're so cute copying the guy reaction hshshhshs

  • Angelina De leon
    Angelina De leon23 dni temu

    Cute wohhh Bubububu!

  • marmalade
    marmalade24 dni temu

    6:00 Yuna straight out WILDIN💀💀✋

  • Nhựt Nguyễn
    Nhựt Nguyễn24 dni temu

    From Jeff Avenue with love Their reactions are so cute, especially Princess Yuna

  • Caleb Bunting
    Caleb Bunting24 dni temu

    They are so thankful to get such positive cristism. I don't think JYP gives them the praise they deserve...

  • Speaker of Words
    Speaker of Words24 dni temu

    I love re reacting to Itzy re reacting to others reactions

  • Lili Vásquez
    Lili Vásquez24 dni temu

    Y el español para cuando ? Las amo

  • Araceli Sebastiána Flores Hernández
    Araceli Sebastiána Flores Hernández24 dni temu

    Que señoras más afortunadas

  • 나는 버터같다
    나는 버터같다24 dni temu

    반응을 듣게 놔두지 않는 게 좀 스트레스가되는데 난 있지가 좋아요. ❤

  • Yannick G
    Yannick G25 dni temu


  • JohnsBananamilkshake
    JohnsBananamilkshake25 dni temu

    I really wish george Hollins was in here 😭✌🏽

  • JohnsBananamilkshake
    JohnsBananamilkshake25 dni temu

    5:10 Duke is from germany tho...😂 at least when i still watched him the dirst few years he did german reactions xD

  • Kim Girrafe
    Kim Girrafe25 dni temu


  • Kandy Cifuentes
    Kandy Cifuentes25 dni temu

    Love this kind of videos

  • kuki vit
    kuki vit25 dni temu

    No conozco bien al grupo pro solo vi yuna yuna yuna ryujin (disculpad corrijanme si estoy mal ) me gusta la chica q de izquierda a derecha pelo rojo obscuro se ve honestamente linda :)

  • seoulxndtears
    seoulxndtears25 dni temu

    5:48 miss shin ryujin giving us a whole new accent

  • melon
    melon25 dni temu

    you should do this re-reaction to your other music videos too and definitely to your upcoming comebacks!!!

  • jimycha catajay
    jimycha catajay25 dni temu

    The ads where jessi in six sense makes me laugh

  • vintagefloralx
    vintagefloralx25 dni temu

    naurr i wish raffy was here😭

    THATMADDRAGNEEL 225 dni temu

    I swear I died at the synchronized squeal

  • stream like it hot
    stream like it hot25 dni temu

    you know, itzy is full of unexpected charm. everyone could think lia is the quiet one- WELL,, she's soo loud and funny you could think yeji is cold, but our leader has the warmest heart ever ryujin looks like a bad girl but she's just so funny, with lia theyre our comedy duo chearyeong looks so angelic and you could think she's the nice one- all of them are the nice one but chaery is the definition of savage! yuna looks like a mean maknae just like tzuyu- and maybe sometimes she is but she's so cute and warming

  • DaniRodriguez
    DaniRodriguez25 dni temu

    0:03/ Yo al ver como empieza y no tiene subtitulos en Español *llora* wuaaaa ;") sera para la proxima

  • seulrene ftw
    seulrene ftw25 dni temu

    Chaeryeong is so so so cute! I love her 😭

  • jay oryana
    jay oryana25 dni temu

    My favorite reactor there is Jeff, he is genuine and detailed especially when he react to dance practice. I stop following Aaron coz I don't feel he is really genuine

  • jay oryana
    jay oryana25 dni temu

    My favorite reactor there is Jeff, he is genuine and detailed especially when he react to dance practice. I stop following Aaron coz I don't feel he is really genuine

  • Kristine Claire Llantos
    Kristine Claire Llantos25 dni temu

    y so pretty ryujinnn

  • 조댕
    조댕26 dni temu

    7:44 i just want to thank this guy, and look at chaeryeong smile after she heard it. that's a wholesome 🥺

  • Carolina
    Carolina26 dni temu


  • Rosie
    Rosie26 dni temu

    See how happy they are when they see people love the song:(

  • Jlawlessq
    Jlawlessq26 dni temu

    Duke is trash I’m sorry but he getting gases up for no reason

  • Shan
    Shan26 dni temu

    JYP made sure not to pick any of the black youtubers eh? :/ -_-

  • Romel Torres
    Romel Torres26 dni temu


  • Muskan Kumari
    Muskan Kumari26 dni temu

    Chaeryeong looks preety..🌝❤

  • I am me
    I am me26 dni temu

    Yuna is so cute at 4:40

  • Ellizer Ricohermoso
    Ellizer Ricohermoso26 dni temu

    it would be nice also if they add Jordan Orme here also they learn about themselves in the mv😊

  • Iza Ama
    Iza Ama26 dni temu

    There are 2 channels that already I subscribed :v

  • seokjim
    seokjim26 dni temu

    I’m so happy they had people talking about chaer she deserves it and her smile AAAAA

  • jo leeni
    jo leeni26 dni temu

    7:44 😆😆😆😆cutie chaeryeong

  • Putri Eka
    Putri Eka26 dni temu

    on the next comeback, i hope you include the video from Alphiandi (he is indonesian) he's actually good at reacting

  • Luciana Del Castillo
    Luciana Del Castillo26 dni temu

    Idols should do this more often- I love it!

  • Dan_Blink
    Dan_Blink26 dni temu

    Wow This is my first time seeing a Re-reaction video ~ So Cool

  • Vale
    Vale26 dni temu


  • Job
    Job26 dni temu

    Where is Jre tho?

  • Earl John Paul Amores
    Earl John Paul Amores26 dni temu

    6:00 Yuna im dead

  • Jony Ryuga
    Jony Ryuga26 dni temu

    I loved it, Thina from OG KPop Stan was missing, who reacts and analyzes above all to the dance and the MV along with the Dance Practice

  • ¡! ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟᴀ さ
    ¡! ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟᴀ さ26 dni temu


  • Blinks*waves to *blackpink [R]✅
    Blinks*waves to *blackpink [R]✅26 dni temu


  • Karina Medina
    Karina Medina26 dni temu

    Chaeryeong is very very pretty♡♡

  • Dulce tata🐯
    Dulce tata🐯26 dni temu

    porfavor pongan subtítulos en español🥺

  • Mawar Nurhamida
    Mawar Nurhamida26 dni temu

    why don't you have Indonesian subtitles?

  • Yarii Perez
    Yarii Perez26 dni temu

    I'm not a midzy but hi lol

  • KimSamIL
    KimSamIL26 dni temu

    They should have reacted to BrisxLife or FO Squad, their reactions are just hilarious 😂

  • Mitchel Dahilan
    Mitchel Dahilan26 dni temu

    It's time to make reaction videos😭

  • Rabia Özdemir
    Rabia Özdemir26 dni temu

    나는이 비디오를 아주 많이 보는 것을 즐겼다👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👋🏻👋🏻

  • av
    av26 dni temu

    itzy best girls

  • Cian McNamara
    Cian McNamara26 dni temu

    I love that they do this! Wow, the girls are just amazing! Congratulations on an amazing comeback Itzy! 🤍

  • Li Xiu
    Li Xiu26 dni temu


  • kübra Dilbilmez
    kübra Dilbilmez26 dni temu

    Turkısh mitzy love you

  • 조현웅
    조현웅26 dni temu

    다른 가수들도 이런 컨텐츠 해줬으면 좋겠다 가뜩이나 팬들이랑 대면으로 만나지 못하는데 이렇게라도 팬들의 사랑 체감하면 괜히 자존감도 오르고 힘들게 고생해서 뮤비찍은 보람이 있을듯!! 있지 마피아 대박나자!

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness26 dni temu

    1:51 "I think they're dancers!" -Professor Chael thinking about new students

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness26 dni temu

    0:40 Yuna being her cute self saying hello to a pre-recorded video and saying "we're ITZY" anyway

  • byeolbit ooo
    byeolbit ooo26 dni temu

    Then only reaction i watch, aaron and jeff lol

  • Metelotron YT
    Metelotron YT26 dni temu

    0:40 5:03 soo cuteeee