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  • ITZY
    ITZY21 dzień temu

    여러분~ 안녕하세요❤ 유나입니다 :) 오늘 영상은 저의 일상 브이로그입니다☺ 저는 잠깐 기분 내고 싶을 때 쇼핑하러 가로수길을 자주 가는데요~ 제가 기분전환을 어떻게 하는지! 여러분들이 궁금해 할 것 같아서 영상에 한번 담아봤어요ㅎㅎ 잔잔하게 제 시간을 함께 즐겨주셨으면 해요~ :) 또! 여러분들은 여가시간을 어떻게 보내는지 댓글에 남겨주면 하나하나 읽어보면서 공감해볼게요ㅎㅎ 우리 다음에 또 봐요~ Love U❤ Hello Everyone❤, it's Yuna :) Today's video is about my daily life☺ I like to go shopping to Garosu-gil to refresh myself, so I wanted to let you guys know what I usually do there. I've put some of my tips in the video, so hope you guys like it! :) If you leave comments below about how you spend your free time, I'll try reading them one by one and see who does what. See you again next time! Love U❤ みなさん~こんにちは!ユナです :) 今日の動画はわたしの日常を撮影したVlogです☺ 私はちょっと気分を上げたい時によくショッピングをしにカロスキルに行きます~ 私がどうやって気分転換をしているか! 皆さんが気になっているだろうと思い動画に一度おさめてみました! 温かい心でわたしの時間を一緒に楽しんでいただければと思います~ :) そして!皆さんは余暇時間をどのように過ごしているのかコメントしてくれたら一つ一つ読みながら共感したいなと思います! またお会いしましょう~Love U❤ 大家好~❤ 我是YUNA :) 今天的视频是记录我日常的V-log☺我在想让自己开心的时候,经常会去林荫路逛街~ 我觉得大家会对我转换心情的方式感到好奇! 所以就用影像的形式记录下来了,哈哈。来和我一起体会这种慢下来的时间吧~ :) 还有! 大家的闲暇时间都是怎么度过的?给我留言吧,我会一个一个去阅读和找同感的,哈哈。我们下次再见哦~~ Love U❤

  • Miuyan Ng

    Miuyan Ng

    2 dni temu

    I like spending my free time to listen to ITZY's songs and watch Running man :) haha.I wish ITZY can take more reality show in this year and Yuna please take more vlog, I love to watch it, it is really healing my heart :):) >< I am very happy these day, because I bought ITZY light ring!! It is too beautiful

  • Djanies TV

    Djanies TV

    4 dni temu

    I like YUNA



    10 dni temu

    Yuna itzyyy



    10 dni temu

    Yuna why are you so pretty and beautiful girl



    10 dni temu

    Queen itzy yuna

  • Kenan Tan
    Kenan Tan38 minut temu

    every time she sniffs explaining the smell uwu

  • SydsWrld
    SydsWrldGodzinę temu

    yuna is so pretty and elegant. even tho she’s 17 she dresses like she’s in her 20s lol

  • 김다현
    김다현2 godzin temu

    So this is a vlog and a mukbang then.

  • daodino dinh
    daodino dinh3 godzin temu

    😍😍😍 my cute

  • faith
    faith3 godzin temu


  • 林玉彰
    林玉彰4 godzin temu


  • slayjisu
    slayjisu5 godzin temu

    here after ryu's vlog!!

  • Ela Defne Arslan
    Ela Defne Arslan6 godzin temu


    ZEPETO10 godzin temu


  • Mrs Kim Jasmeen
    Mrs Kim Jasmeen18 godzin temu

    She is perfect Simple She is platinum maknae 🥇

  • LiK
    LiK18 godzin temu

    Still blows my mind how young and mature she is.

  • ysavele
    ysavele20 godzin temu

    yuna ♡

  • Nirupama Urs
    Nirupama Urs23 godzin temu

    Currently Itzy vlogs: Ryujin vlog Yuna vlog Colours: Ryujin:💚 Yuna:💛

  • daodino dinh
    daodino dinhDzień temu

    cute girl 🥰😍

  • gummychan
    gummychanDzień temu

    Yuna cute maknae♡

  • Desty dwi
    Desty dwiDzień temu

    Yuna very very beautifull

  • Stefan Rausch
    Stefan RauschDzień temu

    I Like you Yuna

  • 령토끼
    령토끼Dzień temu

    이거 왜 지금 봤지ㅠ 유나 너무 이쁘다...사랑둥이

  • nome cognome
    nome cognomeDzień temu

    i hope that the food in the italian restaurant was like real italian food :D

  • Sasa Fia
    Sasa FiaDzień temu


  • 승밍
    승밍Dzień temu

    에뚜왈 마들렌 존맛탱,,,,,,❤️

  • Wendy Pham
    Wendy PhamDzień temu

    있지 항상 내 좋아하는 그룹인데 이 영상 봐서 공식적으로 믿지 됩니다

  • Wendy Pham
    Wendy PhamDzień temu

    우리신유나 사랑해 ❤️ If you guys ever visit Korea, make sure to visit the bakery where they sell Yuna’s fav greentea Madeline. I know the store name was censored in the video but its called ELOITE located on Garosu road. Lmk if i should delete my comment.

  • K-pop forever Twice-Woo!Ah!-트와이스-우아!
    K-pop forever Twice-Woo!Ah!-트와이스-우아!Dzień temu


  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    21 godzinę temu

    Their divisions are in charge of them, not jyp. And all jyp groups have vlogs

  • Maroumette
    MaroumetteDzień temu

    I love you yuna

  • Rosèy_Silverx_ Moon
    Rosèy_Silverx_ Moon2 dni temu

    6:55 did i just hear melanie martinez highschool sweethearts????-🤔

  • Danni GM
    Danni GM2 dni temu

    I love YUNA, she's so humble, talented and gorgeous

  • midzymango
    midzymango2 dni temu

    ⚠️ATTENTION MIDZY⚠️ New album “Guess Who” releases on April 30th 2021. We must try our hardest to stream for our girls! Yeji said they will try as hard as they can to hit Billboard and dream big. We can’t let them down, Let us show the world the power of Midzy😉 (share as much as possible, don't give up)

  • jisoo Kim
    jisoo Kim2 dni temu

    she’s SO pretty.

  • TedU
    TedU2 dni temu

    이쁘다 유나🤩

  • Kim Metal - GuitarPractice
    Kim Metal - GuitarPractice2 dni temu

    니가 이쁘니까 이쁘게 나오는거야 ........

  • Rem Kuga
    Rem Kuga2 dni temu

    Cute uwu.

  • Chao The Good Boy
    Chao The Good Boy3 dni temu

    Yuna just so pretty, waaaaaw Please makes Yeji and Lia do some vlog too, #LoL

  • Waffah Jamal
    Waffah Jamal4 dni temu

    sanaol, vloggerist kana pala mare

  • Tripti Goyal
    Tripti Goyal4 dni temu

    I am watching her first time and it’s amajing vlog ☺️💜she is down to earth and humble 🥰

  • 준섭
    준섭5 dni temu

    우리나라 아이돌인데 왜 한글 댓글 보기가 힘드누....유나 너무 예뻐

  • Margarette Daisog
    Margarette Daisog5 dni temu

    Is it just me haha this is like the same restaurant NCT Mark and Yuta eaten before. Maybe they look the same hehe

  • I stan talent
    I stan talent5 dni temu

    She’s so pretty! I don’t know itzy but she looks like the middle child in the group. Is she the visual? She’s so pretty.

  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    3 dni temu

    She’s the youngest and she’s the Visual

  • yujinjen


    4 dni temu

    yess, she is the visual

  • R J
    R J5 dni temu

    IMHO Yuna could wear a potato sack and still look good in it. She's one of the few that can look good in anything. And she is so cute even without make-up.

    BLUES SKY6 dni temu

    Where's the others member vlog?:/



    7 godzin temu

    @Janeta Gale YES FINALLY

  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    21 godzinę temu

    Ryujin is coming!

  • m a s h
    m a s h6 dni temu

    the intro + yuna's voice is so cute please 🥺 (she's the same age as me but i just couldn't stop admiring her)

  • 삼삼
    삼삼6 dni temu

    진짜 개이쁘고 개귀엽네 미쳤다 진짜..

  • enoth yoon
    enoth yoon6 dni temu

    시간이 빠르네요. 중학생이 벌써 고등학교 졸업이라니.

  • Janeta Gale
    Janeta Gale6 dni temu

    Chaeryeong Vlog next please!!!

  • Najla Hazrinasyahfa
    Najla Hazrinasyahfa7 dni temu

    Yuna eonnie love you so muchh🥺💕

  • 서동빈
    서동빈7 dni temu

    jinjja johnna yeh bbeu nae;;

  • JR1987Z
    JR1987Z7 dni temu

    Yuna is so sympatic, beautifull and interesting. I would like to see Vlogs of her every day. I'm sure it would never be boring with her :)

  • n
    n7 dni temu

    유나 너무 예뻐 파이팅!!!

  • ‐
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  • Baby ONCE
    Baby ONCE8 dni temu

    I love you Yuna

  • けんチャン
    けんチャン8 dni temu


  • Tefiti
    Tefiti8 dni temu

    she's so pretty wtf

    VITÓRIA GIL9 dni temu


  • うんうん
    うんうん9 dni temu

    本当に同い歳なのかなぁ!?!? 美しすぎるやべぇ

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person9 dni temu

    We need more ITZY VLOGsssssss!!!! 😭😭😭 Please~ 💖

  • Ubai UB
    Ubai UB9 dni temu

    Add Indonesian subtitle plz 🙏

  • aesthetic_jungshook _roséy
    aesthetic_jungshook _roséy9 dni temu

    I know it’s not just me but I’m dying for a friends like yuna..someone who could go shopping with a couch potato like me...her personality just seem cool and she just so soothing to watch 😘

  • Raicel Sales
    Raicel Sales9 dni temu

    Why do most koreans always lost the opportunity to recognize idols? LIKE WTH THAT'S OUR DREAM 😭

  • hellobye


    53 minut temu

    1) people wear masks 2) when u actually see celebrity, u tend to doubt if it is really celebrity

  • Kirsten Flores

    Kirsten Flores

    2 godzin temu

    i think it's more fine to not recognize them, it's also for their privacy and safety

  • Hülya Özaslan
    Hülya Özaslan9 dni temu


  • Bridget L
    Bridget L10 dni temu

    Can we talk about how cute the intro was

  • Fariza Salsabila
    Fariza Salsabila10 dni temu

    Anak Rp : asik mentahan baruu

  • Yaritza M
    Yaritza M10 dni temu

    She's so pretty

  • Fatemeh Heydari
    Fatemeh Heydari10 dni temu

    Guys do you know how can i edit my vlog like this?do you have an recommendation for me?like which app i may use?

  • Jazmin De Guzman
    Jazmin De Guzman11 dni temu

    JYP just Give Yuna a PLtoolss Channel ♡

  • golden falcon
    golden falcon11 dni temu

    Yuna is a sweetheart💗

  • 엥
    11 dni temu

    언니... 너무 예뿌다 💖💖💖💖💖 망설이지 말구 휴일엔 먹고 싶은 거 다 먹어 언니 하고 싶은 거 다 해!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crescendo 17
    crescendo 1711 dni temu

    anyone know what camera shes using?

  • loremer loremer
    loremer loremer11 dni temu

    did u here highschool sweethearts by melanie martinez at the pizza store?? AAAAAAAAA

  • loremer loremer
    loremer loremer11 dni temu

    did u hear highschool by melanie martinez sweethearts at the pizza store AAAAAAA

  • Raynier DpoGay
    Raynier DpoGay12 dni temu

    My baby yuna✊🏼✊🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Jodex Carag
    Jodex Carag12 dni temu

    Even haters are spoiled with ITZY VIDEOS

  • Jodex Carag
    Jodex Carag12 dni temu

    Mom: the heck are this PLtoolss searches son!? PLtoolss search: Why yuna soooo beautiful Itzy gay moments Is itzy billionaire How to become rich and meet itzy Itzy cute moments Itzy pranks

  • Jodex Carag
    Jodex Carag12 dni temu

    Mom: Why are you smiling all day son? Me: Well it's complicated.

  • Jodex Carag
    Jodex Carag12 dni temu

    ITZY spoiled us way tooo muchhh!! Thank you!!!

  • Jodex Carag
    Jodex Carag12 dni temu

    ITZY spoiled us too much😭 we must repay them by their upcoming album!!

  • eylem b
    eylem b12 dni temu

    !! Arkadaşlarr lütfen yunanın üstündeki paltodan nereden bulabilirim Lütfeeen benzeride olur aaamaa aşırı aşık oldum bilen var mı lütfen yazın ya da link atın

  • ヒカルヒカル
    ヒカルヒカル12 dni temu

    ユナ可愛すぎるわガチで 自分の事可愛いって分かってる感じも好き笑

  • JuLia Strawberry
    JuLia Strawberry12 dni temu

    I'm not a fan of watching vlogs, for me it's SO BORING.. but nah, Yuna will always be different, maybe because I love her so much😍.. still waiting for other ITZY members vlogs❣️

  • Sasa Fia
    Sasa Fia12 dni temu


  • Nilsu
    Nilsu12 dni temu


  • ‘/-
    ‘/-12 dni temu

    同い年とかまじで信じられん 大人っぽすぎる

  • frances osugi
    frances osugi12 dni temu

    yuna just has that charm and charisma to keep you entertained for however long she wants. I found myself smiling like an idiot as I watched her wait in a line lmfao. she has my heart lol, not in a weird way but she's just so endearing that it makes you wanna support her fully. I love her attitude towards food as well. I don't see very many idols going out and eating high carb foods like pizza and such all the time but she does it without a second thought because its what she likes and I respect that so much, even though she's younger than me theres a lot I learn from her. quick note; I also saw her back in the end of 2019 back in DC for their itzy showcase and she's way cuter and more ethereal in person. such an angel.

  • nur ışık
    nur ışık12 dni temu

    I'm in love with yuna

  • Yoontakpotheotojiungsob
    Yoontakpotheotojiungsob12 dni temu

    The thumbnail would be more awesome withouth the “JYP OFFICIAL”

  • i'm done
    i'm done12 dni temu

    5:00 Too much beauty, I'm blinded lol.

  • Ojie Blancia
    Ojie Blancia13 dni temu

    cute kaayo HAHAHHA

  • life goes on
    life goes on13 dni temu

    we want more vlogs pleaseee~

  • Laura Mesoraca
    Laura Mesoraca13 dni temu

    Italiani per favore fatevi sentire e ripetiamo tutti insieme QUELLA NON È UNA CARBONARA AAAAA

  • aeiraa
    aeiraa13 dni temu

    0:26 . its minaaa 😍 btw Yuna is so beautiful . stay safe and take care . ❤️❤️

  • bj tv
    bj tv13 dni temu

    카드봐 국민 노리카드다 어리긴하네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • もも
    もも13 dni temu

    Yuna loml

  • es mee9
    es mee913 dni temu

    to yuna, make sure you have a good day today. i'll make sure to have mine as well, stay healthy !!

  • aesraven
    aesraven13 dni temu

    this was the joy of my week thank u yuna

  • aesraven
    aesraven13 dni temu

    I'M SO LATE BC I PROCRASTINATED BUT I'M FINALLY HERE- ready to smile like an idiot the whole time ily yunaaaa

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young13 dni temu

    이런 일상 영상 보니까 더 존예;; 눈이 넘 예뻐..

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin13 dni temu


  • Dark Cup Cake
    Dark Cup Cake14 dni temu

    10:39 Yuna said "MANTAP" right?

  • yujinjen


    13 dni temu

    wkakwk ga gituh

  • Simone Grandhi
    Simone Grandhi14 dni temu

    Our darling ✨ h u s s e y ✨

  • Ana clara alves
    Ana clara alves14 dni temu

    Eu nn entendo absolutamente nada: isso mesmo Yuna isso mesmo, entendi tudinho, agora case cmg? 🚶‍♀️